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OPERACY Training


A training course on OPERACY, Success through Personal Empowerment and Leadership, was conducted, with the participation of all Heifer Cambodia staff at the main office in Phnom Penh from July 9-13, 2007. Mr. Christopher Lee, Human Development

Specialist for Human-Earth Development Center, provided the training course. The purpose of the five-day training was to refresh staff on ways to merit their work and leadership - a key for sustainable development in practice toward success. Moreover, the course was very helpful for the staff to use as a tool to mentor and reflect themselves and for encouraging communities to think creatively and fall in love with their lives, as well.

Course topics were based on Heifer's Cornerstones and included: Concept of Success and Development, Universal Laws of Success, Personal Empowerment and Changing Failure to Success. Each topic was accurately explained with real examples and stories that linked to the Cornerstones concept, making it easy for participants to understand.

"Community is not only human, but also environment," said a participant when asked how OPERACY would be transformed into a Best Practice with the communities, "No great empowerments in our community are possible until a great change takes place in the way they think.

Another participant said, "After attending the OPERACY course, I feel I can reflect and enjoy life, because I know that I am what I think and there is nothing I cannot do. I know life is not easy, but we don't have to make life complicated. In order to improve our lives and our societies, we must think of life as a living system. I will share and pass on my knowledge gained from the training to my family, friends and, in particular, poor community people who need moral support eagerly."

Formal training evaluation was not conducted during this training. But, it is believed that personal success depends largely on doing what one knows correctly and consistently, rather than simply knowing what to do. The participants' feelings toward what they have learned is a more accurate indicator of the future action they will take.

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Heifer Project International is one of many non governmental organization involved in rural development around the world. It works at the grass-root by providing animals and training to organized local groups that request assistance.



Heifer Cambodia

Heifer Project International- Cambodia (Heifer Cambodia),
a non-profit and humanitarian organization, is a branch program of Heifer Project International (HPI) based in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Heifer Cambodia has been active since 1984, primarily providing supports of infrastructure and capacity building for animal health and production sub-sector and veterinary diagnostic laboratory, including the technical training, vaccination program and Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS) Vaccine Production Projects,
in partnership with American Friend Service Committee (AFSC) and Church World Service (CWS).

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