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A Joyful POG Celebration at Kork Rormeat Commune
Celebrities from USA participated Passing on the Gift Ceremony
Country Director Inspires Project Partners
Heifer Leaders Visits Self-Help Groups
New Donors Gift Neighbors with Pigs, Chickens and Vegetable Seeds
Heifer CEO's First Visit to Cambodia
Self-Help Group Leaders Learn from Successful Farmer Cooperatives
Hello Axiata Company Answers Call for Private Sector Support
The Value Literacy
Food Processing Training Brings Hope to Women’s Group
Best Practices Exchanged During Area Vice President Visit
Government Officials Impressed with VBHCD Workshop
Not Only Rich, But Also Poor Can Become Donor
Ta O Community Celebrates the Pass-On of Many Gifts
Project's Effects Are Lauded At POG Ceremony
Project Members and Staff Learn About Health and Nutrition
Valuable Sharing at Annual Project Partner Workshop
Animal Well-Being Forum Educats Wat Rokar Community
Heifer Cambodia Gains Acknowledgement from Local Authority
Chetthor's Activities in Improving People's Life in Ba Phnom District
Self Help Groups Celebrate Passing on the Gifts
Hollywood Actress Visits Heifer Projects
Volunteer Experience Helps Win Job
Local Authority Acknowledges Project Impact
Trainings Build Self-Confidence
From a Single Gift to a Hopeful Future
Restoring the Sharing and Caring Culture
Farmer Becomes Donor
Income Generation and Revolving Funds
Promotion of Heifer Cambodia Program's Brand
Training on Gender and Entrepreneurship
Co-mentor Assists in Collaboration Expansion
CAHWs Ensure Sustainable Passing on the Gifts
A Small Contribution Can Change Poor Family's Life
Literacy Class to Empower Women
From Enemy to Brotherhood
Heifer Cambodia 10-Year Program Achievements
VBHCD Approach Touches Our Life and Work
Passing on the Gift Celebration
Grassroots Advocacy Training
Encouragement of Exit Strategy Development
Values-Based Literacy Program Training
Capacity Building Makes Change and Brings Hope
Project Partner Reflection Workshop
Gifts of Hope for Disable Farmers
Assisting Disable Farmers in Rural Communities
Continuous Culture of Passing on the Gifts
Gifts for Hope
Strengthening Leadership of PPs and CFs
Heifer Cambodia Holds Strategic Plan Workshop
Today a Recipient, Tomorrow a Donor
Community Facilitators and Trainer Pool Annual Workshop
Distribution of Original Placements
CAHW Curriculum Development Workshop
Training Package II Provided to Development Organizations
LOA Signed with Sustainable Cambodia
Appreciative Inquiry and Cornerstones Workshop
Strategic Plan Evaluation Workshop
Development Organizations' Capacity Building on VBHCD
A/SP Vice President's Field Visit
Donation for Education and Sanitation
Delivery of Package-V Training to UNDP Staff
Primary Finding on HIV/AIDS and Agriculture
Strategic Plan Review
Project Partner Co-mentoring and Workshop
Co-mentoring Visit of Heifer Philippines Team
Roles of Youths in Commune Development and Decentralization
Senior Vice President of Heifer International's Visit
Sixth Round of Co-mentoring
Gender Policy Sign-off
Partnership Development with JLTA
Exposure Trip to Heifer Philippines Program
VBHCD Training to UNDP Staff
Donation for Children's Future
Sharing of VBHCD Approach
Generous Contributions to Poor Cambodian Communities
OPERACY Training
Reflection Meeting on Project Partner Co-learning
Co-Mentoring Team from Heifer Philippines
Delegation of VBHCD Approach and Triadic Model
Project Partner Workshop
VBHCD Training to Potential Partners
Minister of MAFF Visits Heifer Project
AccPac Training

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What is Heifer Project International (HPI)?

Heifer Project International is one of many non governmental organization involved in rural development around the world. It works at the grass-root by providing animals and training to organized local groups that request assistance.



Heifer Cambodia

Heifer Project International- Cambodia (Heifer Cambodia),
a non-profit and humanitarian organization, is a branch program of Heifer Project International (HPI) based in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Heifer Cambodia has been active since 1984, primarily providing supports of infrastructure and capacity building for animal health and production sub-sector and veterinary diagnostic laboratory, including the technical training, vaccination program and Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS) Vaccine Production Projects,
in partnership with American Friend Service Committee (AFSC) and Church World Service (CWS).

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