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Process and Criteria for Partnership Development of Heifer Cambodia

Heifer International Vision Statement: The vision of Heifer International is a world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet.

Heifer International Mission Statement: The mission of Heifer International is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth.



Heifer International is a non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicates to ending world hunger and poverty and cares for the earth by sharing livestock and other resources, and builds the capacity of partners and beneficiaries of poor families around the globe to become self-reliant. Since it began in 1944, Heifer has worked directly with more than 7 million families in more than 125 countries and in 38 U.S. states. Animals from Heifer International provide milk, eggs, plowing power and other benefits to the poor families across the planet, in which help them improved nutrition, education for children, health care, improved housing, and literally and numeracy skills. What makes Heifer unique is the practice known as “passing on the gift.” Families receiving animals agree to pass on the first offspring – or an appropriate equivalent, to other families in need, starting a chain of giving that touches thousands of lives. From a Recipient Farmer become a “Donor Farmer” is the empowerment of both material enrichment and social cohesion that help building the human dignity and enabling the poor to fully participate in the development.

Heifer has been active in Cambodia since late 1982, primarily provided infrastructure support in the animal health and husbandry sectors, in partnership with American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). The early projects focused on technical training, vaccination programs, and Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS) vaccine production.

In January 1999, the Heifer Cambodia Representative Office was established in Phnom Penh and was officially registered as a branch office of Heifer International with Ministry of Foreigner Affair and International Cooperation in 2006.

To date, Heifer Cambodia in partnership with 19 NGO partners (local and international NGOs), and relevant government agencies has supported over 7,000 marginalize families to improve their quality of lives through promoting self-reliance and empowerment, and food security and income generation. These projects have implemented in 163 poor rural communities within 11 provinces of Cambodia (Svay Rieng, Koh Kong, Kompong Spue, Takeo, Kandal, Mondul Kiri, Kompong Chhang, Pursat, Battambang, Bantheay Meanchey and Siem Reap).

From livestock-based projects and its VBHCD approach, Heifer Cambodia has developed holistic support to help community participants in building their hope and capacity to use available local resources in an effective and sustainable manner. A key focus has been to change the deeply held gender roles of Cambodian society by promoting the inclusion of women in decision making, training in the sharing of household duties, and the empowerment of women through responsibility in leadership roles and shared ownership of property. Heifer Cambodia also promotes savings and credit systems within the targeted communities, expanding the shared community resources, and cornerstones and SHGs concepts.

Partnership Development Process:

Heifer Cambodia Program’s partnership development is guided by the following process:

  1. Based on Heifer selection criteria, select potential NGOs to attend the trainings on Value Based Holistic Community Development (VBHCD) and planning;

  2. Based on potential NGOs’s plans, conduct field visits and provide field coaching;

  3. Select potential partners from the potential NGOs;

  4. Conduct pre-award assessment to selected potential partners;

  5. Select partners based on the results of the pre-award assessment;

  6. Meeting with selected partners to discuss about proposal development;

  7. Selected partners develop and submit proposals to Heifer Cambodia.

Potential NGO selection Criteria for attending Heifer VBHCD training:

  • Legally registered with Ministry of Interior;

  • Has permanence office in their exiting projects areas;

  • Be neutral with no political bias;

  • Be value based with similar vision and mission of Heifer;

  • Has multiple funding sources.

Potential partners selection criteria:

  • Legally registered with Ministry of Interior;

  • Has office located in Heifer target areas;

  • Strong organizations with clear structure and policies (financial, administrative, personnel and program policies and procedures);

  • Be value based with similar vision and mission of Heifer;

  • Has self-help groups that formed at least 6 months;

  • Has organizational bank account;

  • Has clear strategies (program implementation and sustainable strategies);

  • Has multiple funding sources;

  • Has good collaboration with local authority;

  • Be neutral with no political bias.


Project Membership criteria

1. Criteria for Selecting Project Area/Province

  • The area is part of the strategic plan

  • The surrounding areas will support and need future project development

  • The area is poor and in need

  • Potential for the area to develop critical mass

2. Criteria for Selecting Communities:

  • The community comprises members who have relatively low income, limited productive assets, are socially deprived, or ethnic groups that were traditionally discriminated against.

  • Potential for the community to develop clusters of members/participants

  • Communities are located in proximity of one another’s cluster

With the facilitation of the project partner, self-help groups are formed by neighboring families. As the unit that Heifer’s projects work with, SHGs’ understanding of the project and willingness to participate in activities shall be assessed.

3. Criteria for Selecting Participating Groups:

  • Must be organized as an SHG with commitment to work towards self-reliance

  • Must have a functional group structure

  • Must have group savings

  • Must be active and conduct meetings regularly

  • Committed to Heifer’s development approach, including VBHCD, Cornerstones, and PSRP

  • Committed to sharing knowledge and resources with other needy groups through POG, co-learning, field visits, meetings, full participation, etc.

3. Criteria for Selecting Project Families:

  • Families are interested and committed to participate in the project.

  • Families have enough potential for labor, land and market access to efficiently implement projects.

  • Families are part of an SHG.

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What is Heifer Project International (HPI)?

Heifer Project International is one of many non governmental organization involved in rural development around the world. It works at the grass-root by providing animals and training to organized local groups that request assistance.



Heifer Cambodia

Heifer Project International- Cambodia (Heifer Cambodia),
a non-profit and humanitarian organization, is a branch program of Heifer Project International (HPI) based in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Heifer Cambodia has been active since 1984, primarily providing supports of infrastructure and capacity building for animal health and production sub-sector and veterinary diagnostic laboratory, including the technical training, vaccination program and Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS) Vaccine Production Projects,
in partnership with American Friend Service Committee (AFSC) and Church World Service (CWS).

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