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Country Director :

Ms. Keo Keang
Country Director
E-mail: Keang.Keo@heifer.org

Ms. Ney Sivika

Assistant to Country Director

E-mail: Sivika.Ney@heifer.org


Finance Unit :

Mr. Khuon Bunsang
Senior Finance Manager
E-mail: Khuon.Bunsang@heifer.org

Ms. Dy Thida
Finance Officer - Programs

E-mail: Dy.Thida@heifer.org

Ms. Sreng Chakriya
Finance Officer - Operations

E-mail: Chakriya.Sreng@heifer.org


Admin Unit :

Ms. Neak Sokunthea
Administrative Manager

E-mail: Sokunthea.Neak@heifer.org

Mr. Phon Youtsama
Driver/Office Aid
E-mail: Youtsama.Phon@heifer.org

Mr. Ngov Sokheng
Driver/Office Aid
E-mail: Sokheng.Ngov@heifer.org


Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit  :

Ms. Kheang Sokleng
Senior Program Manager-PME

E-mail: Sokleng.Kheang@heifer.org 

Mr. Chhin Chhunhoir
Program Officer-PME

E-mail: Chhin.Chhunhoir@heifer.org 


Training Unit  :

Ms. Huong Nita
Senior Program Manager - Training

E-mail: Nita.Huong@heifer.org

Ms. Orn Makara
Program Officer - Training

E-mail: Makara.Orn@heifer.org

Mr. Keo Lymeng
Program Officer - Business, Enterprise and Cooperative

E-mail: Keo.Lymeng@heifer.org


Animal Well-Being Unit  :

Mr. Tu Nora
Program Officer - Animal Well-Being

E-mail: Nora.Tu@heifer.org


Program Unit  :

Mr. Sim Dara
Associate Director of Program

E-mail: Dara.Sim@heifer.org

Mr. Dy Sitha
Regional Program Manager - Southeast

E-mail: Dy.Sitha@heifer.org

Mr. Sieng Suthavarak
Regional Program Manager - Northwest

E-mail: Suthavarak.Sieng@heifer.org

Mr. Chhem Vutha
Program Officer - Southeast

E-mail: Vutha.Chhem@heifer.org

Mr. Khiev Sadeth
Program Officer - Southeast

E-mail: Khiev.Sadeth@heifer.org

Mr. Pheung Phasith
Program Officer - Southeast

E-mail: Phasith.Pheung@heifer.org


Mr. Van Nath
Program Officer - Southeast

E-mail: Van.Nath@heifer.org

Mr. Sim Socheat
Program Officer - Northwest

E-mail: Socheat.Sim@heifer.org

Mr. Un Vannet
Program Officer - Northwest

E-mail: Vannet.Un@heifer.org 

Program Officer - Northwest

E-mail: xxx@heifer.org

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What is Heifer Project International (HPI)?

Heifer Project International is one of many non governmental organization involved in rural development around the world. It works at the grass-root by providing animals and training to organized local groups that request assistance.




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Heifer Cambodia
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